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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bye2 Tumblr..Hi Blogger

Dear Tumblr,

Sorry I will stop using U since I'm not too expert to use Tumblr...With help of Mr. Google, I managed to transfer all of my entries from ur side to my new blogspot..Most of my friends are using blogspot too..really soorryyy dear Tumblr..U have a great function..can reblog other entries, link with the twitter etc...i will always love u Tumblr..:D

Dear Blogger,

I'm new here..Hope that I can stay with u forever..Lots of info/entries that I would like to share with others..Especially regards with Breastfeeding, Solid food for babies, Aish's development, my families, my stories..

Oklaa..thats all..tata..:D

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