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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

# Day 4- A Letter To The Siblings

I luv u too my adopted sister.. even though I’ve big boobies, u’ve big bodyyy…ahahahhaa..


Hye dearest adopted siblings. Will you read this letter. Please read as I wrote this letter especially for you. Baikkkk punya. :D

Dear Guitar Rock,
Hye my first brother!! How are you right now? Hope you will be find there in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for being kind to me, gave me duit raya. (Ayun and Ikin jeles) Thanks for the toughts of guitar codes even though I’m still stupid at it. Please give me a guitar so I can practice. Jadi Zee Avi.
Thanks for cooking me good foods. I really love your dishes. Make me lasagna please. Haaa. Thanks for your stories, jokes and facts. You are a great guy with facts.

Dear Big Boobies,
Hye my only old shorty sister! I love you because I have only one sister. So the love for the sister is only for you. Wished that I could have many sister so I don’t love you much.
We shared everything together as we grow up. We even fight for kain baju kurung BOOO you. Thanks for belanja me macam2. Somehow I missed our good old times when we were sleeping in the same room, we will gossips much and end up with SMS-ing each other good night. Padahal sebelah2 je pun.

Dear Gundam,
You are my favourite brother because you are actually a clown. I will laugh for every single joke you made. Trust me. If I don’t laugh in front of you means that I will keep it and laugh in my room so that you don’t feel that you are very fun person. HAHA.
You are a very kind brother to me. Despite your dengkiness, you are actually lovable. You miss me but you won’t mengaku right. Haha. Its okay I still know how much you love me even though you like to korek my eyes when I was a baby.

Having you guys are such a bless. We fought and we laughed together. It’s the most unforgettable memory I would ever had. Thanks for taking care of me during my childhood years. Cuci my pee pee and poo poo. Even though someone had clean it with his/her legs. Cipet lu.. Haha.. Thanks for everything. Dah la tak nak tulis banyak2 nanti korang rasa best sangat2 tapi you guys were the best sister and brothers I had ever owned. I’m glad to have you guys. I LOVE YOU GUYS :D

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